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Design, Test and Application of Emerging Computer Architectures


The term Emerging Computer Architectures summarizes a new class of innovative computer architectures, which aim to improve computational performance, power efficiency and reliability based on radical new design principles.

One of these new design principles is approximate computing, which includes temporal-approximate and Boolean-approximate computer architectures. The first category can be seen as a generalization of existing speculative computer architectures. The second category allows inexact functionality within certain boundaries and can be applied in multimedia or telecommunication applications. Examples for such emerging computer architectures are highly power-efficient CPUs that operate near to the threshold voltage.

Another group of emerging architectures are variable precision computer architectures, which enable a significant reduction of power consumption, bandwidth and storage requirements.

This seminar addresses three main areas of challenges that arise with the advent of emerging computer architectures, namely the design, the test and the scope of applications. This comprises the topics:

• Design and synthesis of ECAs

• Test methods and test infrastructure

• Applications of ECAs in the embedded domain

• Applications of ECAs in the high-performance computing (HPC) domain


The first meeting takes place on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 from 14:00-15:30 o'clock in room 0.457 (comp. science building 38). 









Introduction (Slides)




2) Approximate Memory (Report, Slides)

E. Schneider

Prajwala Pandit


3) Approximate Full Adders (Report, Slides)

E. Schneider

Abdul Rahman El Dana


6) Low-Power Designs with Adaptive Performance (Report, Slides)

E. Schneider

Ganesh Ayalur Ramakrishnan


8) Software Mapping Techniques for Approximate Computing (Report, Slides)

A. Schöll

Kashif Wajid Qureshi






10) Variable Precision during Runtime (Report, Slides)

A. Schöll

Jose Manuel Marinos Velarde


1) Approximate Logic Synthesis

C. Braun

Ahmad Karim (talk cancelled)


12) Neural Network Based Processing Units for Approximate Computing

A. Schöll

Chintu Parikh


11) Speculative Adders (Report, Slides)

C. Braun

Alisa Kuzmina

*Subject to changes.



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