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MMU for Leon project (16.12.2002-16.3.2003):

Programmer: Konrad Eisele []
Funding: Gaisler research (

How to compile the kernel:

(I assume that you have sparc-leon-linux-xx cross compilation suite compiled and installed in yout $Path. [Instuction to build])

[download kernel]
[download patches]

(This doc is working on kernel linux-2.5.59. If you are using a 
newer one replace the kernel name accordingly.)
Assuming that you are in a working directory [base] and
assuming you have the following files in subdir tarballs:

do the following commands:

$cd [base]
$tar xzf tarballs/linux-2.5.59.tar.gz
$cp -al linux-2.5.59 linux-2.5.59-patch
$cat tarballs/linux-2.5.59-leon01.diff | patch -d linux-2.5.59-patch -p1
$find . -type f| xargs chmod a-w
$cd [base]/linux-2.5.59-patch
$alias lmk='make ARCH=sparc CROSS_COMPILE=sparc-leon-linux- '
$lmk tsim_config
$lmk tsimImage



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