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Marcus Eggenberger


Dipl.-Inform. Marcus Eggenberger


Institut für Technische Informatik
Embedded Systems Engineering

Pfaffenwaldring 5b
D-70569 Stuttgart


+49 711 685 88 286


+49 711 685 88 287




Office Hour:

Tuesdays: 11:00 - 12:00

Research Interests

The general domain of my work is the efficient simulation of digital systems. Of particular interest are to me:
- parallel simulation of networks on-chip (NoCs),
- system level simulation,
- simulations with an adaptive level of detail, and
- numerical and stochastic optimization problems.


Research Projects

ROCK: Robust On-Chip communication through hierarchical online diagnosis and reconfiguration



  • M. Eggenberger, M. Radetzki:
    Optimal Memory Selection for Low Power Embedded Systems
    Proc. Workshop on Intelligent Solutions in Embedded Systems (WISES 2015), pp. 11-16
    Ancona, Italy, October 2015
    Received the WISES 2015 Best Paper Award!

  • M. Eggenberger, M. Radetzki:
    Fine Grained Adaptive Simulation
    Languages, Design Methods, and Tools for Electronic System Design,
    Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Vol. 311, pp. 223-242, Springer 2014

  • A. Dalirsani, N. Hatami, M.E. Imhof, M. Eggenberger, G. Schley, M. Radetzki, and H.-J. Wunderlich:
    On Covering Structural Defects in NoCs by Functional Tests
    Proc. IEEE Asian Test Symposium (ATS'14), pp. 87-92
    Hangzhou, China, November 2014

  • M. Eggenberger, M. Radetzki:
    Fine Grained Adaptive Simulation with Application to NoCs
    Proc. Forum on specification & Design Languages (FDL 2013)
    Paris, France, September 2013

  • M. Eggenberger, M. Radetzki:
    Scalable Parallel Simulation of Networks on Chip
    Proc. International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip (NOCS 2013), pp. 66-73
    Tempe, AZ, USA, April 2013
    Received the NOCS 2013 Best Paper Award!

Supervised Theses

I had the pleasure of working with several great students:

  • Manuel Strobel, Master Thesis:
    Highly Parallel NoC Simulation on Many-Core Architectures
    Submission: Sept. 2015

  • Hossam ElAtali, Master Thesis:
    Configurable Shared Cache and Memory Model for Parallel NoC Simulation
    Submission: Feb. 2015

  • Nouman Naim Hasan, Master Thesis:
    — confidential —
    Submission: Aug. 2014


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