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On Optimal Repair of Security Violations in Reconfigurable Scan Networks

Category: Open Seminar - Rechnerarchitektur

15:30-16:30, Bad Herrenalb, M. Sc. Natalia Lylina, Institut für Technische Informatik

Modern computing systems integrate an increasing number of connected components, such as processor cores, memories and peripherals with the complex interconnections between them on the same chip. Those components can potentially come from different manufacturers and have different properties, such as trustworthiness and confidentiality levels. Since computing systems can be deployed in such areas as automotive industry, Industry 4.0 or medical appliances, it is extremely important to guarantee their safe operation. In order to obtain a desired reliability level a complex test infrastructure can be created. An efficient and flexible way to access test instruments is proposed by Reconfigurable Scan Networks (RSNs), standardized by IEEE Std. 1687. However, good observability and controllability of instruments, offered by test infrastructure can cause security issues, since a side-channel for attacker appears and potentially can be opened. In this talk I will discuss the possible ways to optimally resolve the security violations, caused by RSN integration. The main idea is that test infrastructure must not extend the allowed information flow. Structural dependencies between components of the targeted system as well as the explicit restrictions on data transfer in the initial design are analyzed and the initial RSN is being modified to correspond to the given security requirements.


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